Safe Flight
In an effort to facilitate a smooth operation, Flying Robot has broken the basic web site development process out into six phases:

Phase One | Goals
A complete run-down of the scope of work. Identifying the project's challenges and opportunities. Materials needed, target audience, costs involved, and project timelines are all part of successfully fulfilling client expectations.

Phase Two | Foundation
After examining what needs to be done in terms of content we generate a comprehensive site map that demonstrates how users will navigate from page to page and where information will reside. The site map is a key element in laying down the ground work for an intuitive, easy-to-use site.

Phase Three | Design
Next we establish the creative direction the website will take. Creation of an overall site theme - mock-ups of the site layout and design. Headers, footers, menu bars, as well as color scheme and font usage are hammered out. After the client has approved of a final design we break it out into HTML and continue onto

Phase Four | Content
Content is now plugged into the site theme. Graphics are optimized, any custom coding is begun, and the site really begins to take form.

Phase Five | Testing
Where we add the final shine. The site is tested across a variety of browsers and screen resolutions. All coding is completed. Content and any special features are reviewed by the client for final approval.

Phase Six | Lift Off
The site goes live. From here we offer a variety of methods to assist you with keeping your site current and in perfect working order.